We serve business and government entities in Central Ohio

Interpreting and translating for medical facilities

It is seminal for healthcare providers to communicate with their patients. It is imperative that they understand their patients who speak foreign languages. This has a bearing on not only how effective they will cater the patients’ needs but also on their bottom lines. We work with medical facilities ( hospitals, clinics, outpatient care centers, and specialized care centers, such as birthing centers and psychiatric care centers, etc) to facilitate their interpretation with patients during provision of services. Interpretation may be needed in the following instances: at patient’s visits and procedures (inpatient and outpatient), patient education workshops, and patient discharge. We also work with medical facilities with their translation services. Medical facilities may need our services in translating: consent forms, fact sheets, information leaflets, training courses, scripts for video production, conference proceedings, clinical trials, protocols, contracts, catalogs, and product information.

Interpreting and translating for government agencies and schools

Agape Interpreters. LLC works with government agencies and schools in various ways. We work with public safety, public health, courts, immigration, and social services in provision of interpretation and translation services. We offer transitional services to schools that will help with: IEPs, psychological evaluations, speech and language reports, occupational therapy, educational evaluations, school documents, English as a second Language (ESOL) materials. We offer interpretation services in school and special education meetings, Infant and Toddlers program home, visits, ESOL meetings, and school open houses

Interpreting and translating legal documents

We work with law enforcement agencies and the courts in facilitating interpretation and translation services. Translation of certificates, diplomas, licenses, CVs, contracts, affidavits, police reports, power of attorney, court information, Department of Transport, and Natural Resources information. Interpreting at depositions, arbitrations, immigration hearings, Motor Vehicle appointments, client – attorney interviews, Independent Medical Examinations (IMA), Forensic interviews, Motor Vehicle Industrial, Accident Board and worker’s compensation hearings

Interpreting and translating employee documents for businesses

Translation of Employee Handbooks, health care information, retirement, 401k, work
guidelines and regulations, employee’s newsletters, employee hire documentation. Interpreting for employee hiring and training, employee certification, employee’s benefits and handbook, bilingual employee training

Interpreting and translating banking and insurance documents

Banks and insurance companies require translation and interpretation services when dealing with their customers who don’t communicate in English. Similarly, interpretation will be necessary to convey information from their customers to them.

The banking and insurance industries require a raft of documents requiring signatures. For instance, It’s imperative for the customers to understand the complexities of getting insurance, fill up their insurance form accurately and know their obligations when they sign up for insurance, whether it is for worker’s compensation, auto insurance, home insurance or health insurance.