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Agape Interpreters, LLC works with the following entities who may benefit from our transcription services: (1) Law firms, paralegals, court reporters, attorneys, and other legal professions, (2) medical and healthcare professionals, (3) students, lecturers and doctorates, (4) researchers and conference planners, (5) audio and video pod-casters, (6) entrepreneurs and market consultants, among others

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Tips For Transcribers And Transcription Services

A transcriber converts speech or audio into text. There are two types of transcribing: verbatim and edited. Literal transcription, also known as verbatim, records how something is said as accurately as possible. Interjections, repetitions, stutter, and more are literally typed out. Edited transcription, also known as clean transcription, aims to be clearly legible and grammatically correct depictions of conversation.

Transcribing is often done in the business, legal, or medical fields. Examples include transcribing court hearings like a criminal trial or a physician’s notes about a patient. Transcription is used outside of these professions as well for things like podcasts or closed captioning as listed earlier.

General transcription is used by many modern businesses. It can be for transcribing seminars, interviews, meetings, and more. Legal transcription requires the transcriptionist to have an understanding of the legal terminology that is used in a court of law. The job involves transcribing court proceedings involving lawyers and other legal professionals. Medical transcription is more specialized as all transcriptionists have to undergo training and become certified.

Skills for transcribers include confidentiality, accuracy, ability to research and work quickly, fast typing speed, and knowledge of computers. The job is a good fit for people who have excellent writing and listening skills, are detail-oriented, and can communicate well. It is also important to work quickly but efficiently as transcribers are required to keep tight deadlines and manage time effectively.

The industry standard for transcribing is it should take one hour to transcribe fifteen minutes of audio. For transcription services by an experienced transcriber, payment is usually made per minute of audio recording. The average transcriber earns about fifteen dollars per hour. Experienced transcribers are required to insert appropriate grammar as well as spell and punctuate correctly.

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